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Murfreesboro, when disaster strikes, we’re the Water Damage Pros you can count on. Fire, flood, storm, or sewage mess – we know how to handle it all. Our team of experts in Murfreesboro is ready to jump in and make things right, no fuss, no muss. We’re here 24 hours a day because we know that timing is everything. And we’re not just about water; we cover everything from flood damage repair to fire restoration right here in Murfreesboro. Reach out to us anytime or contact us online if it’s less urgent. We’ll even offer you a free quote. Because in Murfreesboro, we’re more than just a service; we’re part of the community, and we’re here for you.

A catastrophe doesn’t knock before entering, especially in Murfreesboro. It barges into your commercial space, unsettling your routine, jolting your customers, employees, and partners, and shaking up your financial stability. Natural or human-made, a disaster’s blow to your business can be tough. As a like-minded small business, we feel your pain and know that every disrupted day can mean red ink. That’s why our commercial disaster restoration team in Brentwood stands ready 24/7, equipped to handle commercial water damage restoration and disaster recovery. With our IICRC certification and rich industry experience, we’re your trusted partner in Brentwood’s commercial disaster restoration. Reach out at 629-285-6669 or dive into our services by clicking below. We’re in Brentwood, for Brentwood.

Commercial Water Damage Repair in Murfreesboro

About The Water Damage Pros in Murfreesboro

The Water Damage Pros are always on call because our primary goal is getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We understand that recovering from a disaster can be unnerving, which is why we make sure to always be available to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the entire restoration process. We want you to feel that you truly have a partner during a stressful time. If you have been impacted by a disaster, natural or man made, contact The Water Damage Pros in Murfreesboro for some peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Disaster Restoration Questions

The best way to be certain if your home is safe after a fire is to have a certified FSRT technician do an inspection for soot and smoke particles throughout the entire house. Soot is carcinogenic and can be harmful.

Sewage is considered to be “highly contaminated water” proper clean up is recommended to prevent exposure to:

  • Blood born pathogens
  • Disease/sickness
  • Contamination.

No. As the homeowner, you have the legal capability of picking whichever restoration company suits your needs.

Insurance will cover sewage back ups if they are related to a soft clog. Most of the time insurance does not cover hard clogs.